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I am a lifelong musician, composer, improviser, and educator that uniquely brings together elements from diverse musical styles across time, culture, and geography. Having lived across three continents (New York, Tel Aviv and Vienna), grown up around Classical music, Rock, Alternative, Jazz, and World music; and being formally educated over the entire spectrum, I take inspiration from all.

I have always been a keen improviser, delving into the worlds of blues, rock, funk, psychedelic and jazz music.

As a composer I have composed extensively both on the guitar and piano as well as using the computer.

Music has always been a means of emotional and personal release and expression. Hence versatility, freedom and expression are at the forefront of my personal approach to music and my personal pedagogic style.

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Multifaceted I Versatile Communicative I Unique

My aim is to create a new and unique musical experience that blends diverse musical styles and cultures in a way that easily communicates with a broad audience.

My music uniquely brings traditional Viennese and German Classical and Romantic music, compositional craftsmanship, and virtuosic performance, into the modern 21st century. I am a multi-faceted composer who combines Classical techniques and approaches with Rock, Jazz and World music.

Each work addresses different musical challenges. From, development and orchestration are meticulously worked out in scores that specify every note (including drums), heavily utilising counterpoint, and highlights ongoing motivic development.   

Inner Mediation, for example, transitions between modern Psychedelic Rock and a Classical Viennese piano solo, and then fuses the two.

Alcudia mixes Heavy Rock textures with Balkan influenced wind lines while heavily leaning on baroque style counterpoint.

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Guitar I Bass I Piano I Improvisation

Being a longtime professional guitarist and bass performer, I have found my own individual style and approach to composition, improvisation and interpretation on each instrument.

My knowledge and experience with popular styles such as rock music, jazz, blues, psychedelic and world music, coupled with growing up around Classical music, has pushed my musical horizons as a performer. 

Aside from developing my own personal style and voice, I have nurtured my personal touch (a physical connection) and developed an ability to be intuitive and adaptive with any style of music and any musical environment I may find myself in.


Thus, my improvising and composing skills on each instrument are very unique as they are derived from my very own most inner voice and passions.

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Composing for Media

If you desire an original and unique, high quality composition for any media you have reached the right person. I possess the unique ability of being able to translate your message / pitch / ideas that you would like to convey into music.

This gives you an added emotional component in your presentation or product tailor made to facilitate the emotional reaction or association that you would like to convey to your clients and audiences. This links an emotional association between your product and your clients or audience.

When necessary I collaborate with my trusted partners to deliver a great end product, whether electronically performed and computer generated or live performed and recorded.

Just get in touch with me and I will be happy to deliver a great musical product to suite your particular needs and your budget.

  • Film

  • Theater

  • Animation

  • Advertising

  • Video games

  • Phone line music

  • Firm sound branding

  • Sound logo

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Guitar I Bass guitar I Piano I Theory I Composition I Improvisation I Coaching

My goal for each student is to help them discover their unique creative inner voice, develop it, and continuously expand their musical expression. My approach is holistic and tailored to each student's unique needs, experience, musicality, and personality. Besides developing a solid technique I help each student develop a unique relationship with his instrument. Thus, whether theory, instrument, improvisation, or composition, the educational journey itself is driven by each student's unique creativity, expression, and personality.

As a teacher I believe that whether learning an instrument, theory, improvisation, composition, or any other skills, learning music should always be accompanied by individual creativity and expression.



Creativity, Expression and Technique interconnecting and geared towards each students passion and personality.

Guitar and Bass Guitar

Beginners to Advanced. All ages.

  • Find your unique creative voice

  • Develop your musical expression

  • Learn repertoire in your choice of musical style/s

  • Improvise in a variety of formats, including free or harmonic

  • Develop technique

  • Compose using your instrument

  • Learn to read music


Beginners to Intermediate levels. All ages

  • Find your unique creative voice

  • Develop your musical expression

  • Learn repertoire in your choice of musical style/s

  • Improvise in a variety of formats, including free or harmonic

  • Compose using the piano

  • Learn to read music​



Beginner to Advanced. All Ages.

Composition is the art of taking an idea or concept and developing it into a complete piece or story. Here we have total autonomy and the freedom to experiment, develop and shape our ideas until they express exactly that which we would like to reflect upon and communicate with others.

We live in a world of endless musical palettes and influences and this opens up endless possibilities. We are free to connect with all our influences and passions to find our own unique defining sounds and styles. There are guidelines and theories for achieving as well as avoiding certain sounds and styles.

Creativity and expression are always our most important guiding sense. And how we regard or disregard guidelines becomes a factor in our personal approach and unique style. Composition can be completely intuitively or completely mechanical, usually the process being a balance of both.

  • Finding our inspiration and a personal voice and style(s)

  • How to create ideas for composing

  • How to develop ideas into compositions

  • Increasing overall creativity and originality

  • Understanding the full palette of musical possibilities available to us

  • Crossing over and incorporating our different passions and styles

  • Arranging

  • Notation

  • Orchestration

  • Singer/Songwriting - Finding an original and unique approach and voice



Beginners to Advanced. All ages.

Improvisation is the most intuitive and immediate form of musical expression. It is the ability to create on the go and instantly find, bridge and develop ideas into a story in real time. It is not only a means of music making in itself but rather also an indispensible tool for composers because it is in this moment of spontaneous and expressive creativity where we find ideas and elements which we may choose to cultivate into a polished composition.

Improvisation allows us complete freedom to explore and experiment and to hone and refine our creativity. Because of this, I incorporate improvisation in every facet of teaching whether theory, composition or playing.

  • Improvising on form (Blues, swing, rhythm changes…)

  • Improvising on changes (modal, harmonic, chromatic…)

  • Free improvisation (formless, atonal…)

  • Enhancing awareness, intuition and creativity in improvising

  • Improvising riffs and loops

  • Balancing sounding written vs. sounding improvised

  • Finding your own voice and comfort level in improvising

  • Studying and experimenting with different styles and approaches

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All levels. All ages.

Classical, Rock, and Jazz.

Music theory provides the building blocks that give rise to creativity as well as control and intention to our musical expression. It also provides a common language for musicians to communicate, regardless of style, language, or geography. More importantly, it allows us to quickly translate abstract thoughts and emotions into concrete musical ideas and help us work efficiently them out into complete musical works, be it through composition or improvisation, individually or with others.​

  • Music theory

  • Form and analysis

  • Classical functional harmony

  • Jazz harmony and theory

  • Pop music harmony and theory

  • Ear training and hearing development

  • Notation

  • Counterpoint

  • Orchestration



Intermediate to Advanced. All ages.

Drawing upon my extensive experience in both participating in and leading ensembles of varying sizes, I mentor, coach, and advise bands, ensembles, soloists, and individual performers.​

  • Finding a collective voice

  • Create a unique musical concept (i.e. branding)

  • Developing an effective workflow

  • Increasing overall creativity and originality

  • Team methods for incorporating ideas collectively

  • Managing personalities of different members

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The Liberation Orchestra is a unique crossover ensemble I founded, that fuses Alternative/Progressive/Punk Rock, Classical/Romantic music, Jazz/Fusion and World music; creating a new, powerful, dynamic and deliberately borderless musical terrain. 

My music and lyrics carry a message inviting people to awaken to the possibilities of creating a new world, which is liberated from the now existing boundaries in acting and thinking.

The Orchestra – which was originally founded to liberate my compositions from the score sheet – is comprised of versatile musicians from the Jazz, Rock and Classical music scenes in and around Vienna. Their self-titled debut EP “Liberation Orchestra” was released in March 2019.

In our powerful live shows we deliver a full dynamic range from solo piano to Big-Band-backed Grunge Rock... from tender, psychedelic wind textures to blazing Balkan brass lines and raucous guitars... from meticulously notated music to wild and free improvisations... a real thrill for an open-minded audience!

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A video promotion from our first EP 'Liberation Orchestra'

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Vienna Music Institute - Guest Lecture / Presentation - Ron Oppenheim 20.05.2020

Vienna Music Institute - Guest Lecture / Presentation - Ron Oppenheim 20.05.2020

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Want to learn more about Ron Oppenheim, his teachings and projects or Liberation Orchestra, their music, and their performance dates? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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